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Until this week it was cumbersome to send out interesting forum posts to other people that may benefit from the post’s content.

You had to open your email account, create a new message and copy the link of the post or the whole text into it. Now we have “E-mail this post E-mail this post” that allows you to forward the forum post that you are currently viewing.

I love it, because I can send questions where I don’t know the answer out to people who do, or who know people who do, and they can forward that message to them, and these Gurus who’s first name often is Benny, Karin, Oliver, … then answer them. 🙂

Bonus Link: Situated Software. About Clay Shirky’ss latest experiences with software projects done in his NYU class. I post it here, because this model of programming as well as the results are so far away from what we are doing with standard software.

I think the What is the Composite Application Framework? will one day enable people in the departments of corporations to create these Situated Software as described by Clay. Time based, majorly taking the current situation/boundaries into account and throw it away once the situation changes.

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  1. Gregor Wolf

    Hello Mark,<br/><br/>unfortenately this function only seems to work for eMail adresses. I’ve just tried to send an email to my own address: and imedately received this error message:<br/><br/>The original message was received at Thu, 13 May 2004 09:35:27 +0200 (MET DST)<br/>from<br/><br/>   –

    The following addresses had permanent fatal errors –

    <br/><><br/><br/>   –

    Transcript of session follows –

    <br/>… while talking to<br/>>>> MAIL From:<> SIZE=1054<br/><<< 550 <>… Access denied from domain <><br/>554 <>… Service unavailable<br/><br/>I think the mailserver which is used to send out the eMail must be configured to allow eMail relaying for non SAP Domains too.<br/><br/>Regards<br/>Gregor

  2. DJ Adams
    Hi Mark

    Your juxtaposition of ‘situated software’ with ERP software is interesting; at least in my experience, this style of ‘local’ programming is rare.

    In the past I have built ‘local’ application extensions that rely on ‘wetware’ cooperation and naus, and in general they’ve worked very well. I also think the general recognition of ‘situated software’ as a concept is very valuable (nice one, Clay).

    However, I think one of the reasons why we don’t see more of this sort of thing is the group infrastructure that’s built up to support Enterprise-scale data munging.

    To this ex-mainframe dinosaur, the structure of an IT department supporting an R/3 or Enterprise based setup feels rather loose in comparison to the rigid well-defined competency areas that were used to support an R/2 implementation (remember Database Support Group, Application Support Group, Production Services, Application Services, Programming?). But it’s still not loose enough to engender such situated solution building. Ok, we have ‘key users’, but that’s not enough to support the building of new local apps.

    “How the heck are we going to support that!?”


    “You mean we suddenly discovered a business critical application running over in (somewhere) … and it’s written in _Excel_!?”

    are two cries often heard in many a company.

    Attitudes and practices on both sides of the IT department wall need to change for situated software to happen. In fact, the wall needs to become a bridge!


  3. Former Member
    I tried forwarding  an interesting  forum to my friend using ” email-post” and it did not work!Infact i got failure to deliver message in my inbox of email account linked to my SDN userid.
    why is this so?
    1. Mark Finnern Post author
      Hi Shankar,
      We are having a problem sending emails with non SAP addresses. We are working on it and let you know as soon as we have a solution.

      Thanks for the patience, Mark.


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