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Where Is My Forum Post?

I swear, only a minute ago my question was right here in this forum, and now I am looking all over and it’s gone.

Did SDN Moderators censor my innocent post? I can’t believe this …

Not so fast. We very, very seldom delete a post. It has to be outside of our, in my opinion, very reasonable Community Guidelines:

We don’t allow obscene, racist, or sexually explicit language. We reserve the right to remove postings that defame or insult anyone, as well as posts that are abusive or hateful. We also reserve the right to remove posts that are off the subject or not in English. (We may translate if the post is really good.) No solicitations or advertisements are allowed. You must have copyright ownership of all material that you post on our forums. We reserve the right to remove any postings (although we have no duty to do so).

I especially like the last sentence, after all I put it in there 🙂 We may, but we don’t have to remove a post.

The more likely reason you can’t find it, is that it’s not actually gone, but moved to a different forum. I would love to have the functionality where we move a thread and everyone who has posted in this thread is informed about its new home. But we don’t have that (yet).

Thankfully there is an easy way to find out where all your little stray posts went within the SDN forums. Just click on your name in the top right corner of the forum window, and there they are nicely listed one after the other. And the world is in order again.

Bonus link: Sergey Brin in conversation with Steve Gillmor about the future of Gmail.

Attention.xml offers a way of tracking what is read and in what order it’s read at both the RSS feed and item levels. My thought is that we specifically scope this so that we do not have or care about an individual’s private information but rather establish the dynamics of the self-forming groups that have similar characteristics.

That’s interesting. The kind of thing a lot of people do: Let’s say people keep exchanging conversations, you could automatically suggest they join one of these groups and have some sort of an RSS feed associated with that, and you just give them that option or something like that.

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