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Most Active SDN Forum Contributors in the last 90 days

In the last 90 days the top three most active external posters in the SDN forums were: [Lights out – Drum roll – Spot on]
First place with 86 posts Dagfinn Parnas
Second place with 84 posts Lutz Morrien
Third place with 74 posts Gregor Wolf

Thank you.

Here is the whole top 10 list including the SAP employees:

SDN Forum Contributor
Number of posts
Benny Schaich-Lebek
Karin Schattka
Oliver Stiefbold
Dagfinn Parnas
Lutz Morrien
Gregor Wolf
Stefan Klensch
Mark Finnern
Nicholas Holshouser
Axel Radak

Keep in mind that a community lives because of its users. You’re welcome to ask questions at all times, but you must return within one day to also answer one! The people in this list have come back many many times to answer questions. Should you run into one of them please be extra kind. They are like yeast, they make the whole SDN bread rise. And if I don’t pay attention I will soon fall off this list.

Thanks to everyone who contributes, we are working on ways to give you and your contribution more recognition.

Bonus link: If you are in the Bay Area and don’t know what to do this Friday night: Future Salon with Jaron Lanier: Update to his Half Manifesto at SAP. Free and Open to the public. If we are lucky, he will even bring some of his exotic flutes and play.

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