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This is a random screen shot of the flags from the SDN Forum users. It never    stops to amaze me how international we are.

Because of clustering of the SDN system, we had some problems to show all    the people that are online in the forums at any given moment. We fixed that    today.

63    is still the highest number of participants that I have seen, but that was a    month ago. Back then I wrote:


If you ever see a number higher than 63, please make a screenshot and      send it to A memory stick to the first one to report a, dare      I say it, three digit Online User number. (Screen shot of the whole first      page would be good.)

The stick is still awaiting its rightful winner.

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  1. Leonardo Ardin
    Hi Mark,

    Is there any way of sorting online users by country ? I found this a very usefull feature to know my local colleagues …


    Leo Ardin
    Madrid, Spain

    1. Mark Finnern Post author
      Hi Leo,

      There are 20 developers/country flags per page, we topped out at 63 so far, that makes max 4 clicks. My guess is, to sort the list by country and then to find Spain is about the same number. Not a real improvement.

      Once we get over 100 on a regular basis, then it becomes a different story. I have put in a request for development.

      Thanks for the feedback, Mark.


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