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  1. Former Member
    Hi Benny,

    thanks alot. This was really necessary, especially for the girls and guys around there without the possibility to access the Service Marketplace.

    Stefan Klensch

      1. Former Member
        not really, see SAP Note 669848. There’s a description for unlocking procedures for the different support packages. For SP4 (NetWeaver ’04) the procedure is described in SAP library under SAP NetWeaver->Security->Identity Management->UME Configuration->Activating the Emergency User


        1. Benny Schaich-Lebek Post author
          I know note 669848 very well, that’s why I wrote this weblog. I did this a couple of times and think this is most annoying.
          Concerning the manual, this is a different way with two restarts of the server. But yopu don’t have to go through the activation of a userstore that really made anxious…
  2. Former Member
    Hello Benny,

    I found your weblog very usefull I just wanted to know how we reassign the authorization to a particular level in the NWDI. There was the option of a super admin user but when I was trying to use it still kept saying that Authorization to DTR failed etc. Since it was a fresh installation I did a re-install but would appreciate if you could tell me how the JDI authorizations can be reassigned.
    The Document say once you have assigned intial authorization and if the Admin does not have all the right he will be locked out, we made this mistake and was hoping you could tell me how we could resolve it.

    I would appreciate any help or guidance on the topic.



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