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With all the new functions and features we are constantly introducing here    at SDN (Or so it seems), I somehow forget to post some more reflective thoughts.    Therefore here a combination post. Introduction to two new forums and some food    for thought.

One of the goals we have with the forums is a good signal to noise ratio, to    make it worth while for everyone. That makes it possible to learn things just    by browsing the forum question and answer threads. Since we are offering the    trial version of the Web    AS 6.40 for download there are now lots of installation related questions    interwoven with the other Web AS questions. This is why we gave it it’s own    Forum: SAP NetWeaver Application Server    and moved these threads there.

It is similar with the new /community [original link is broken] forum. Sometimes there are questions that go beyond the current    scope or focus of SDN or the current set of available forums. For example questions    regarding pricing configuration, or where to focus regarding career development,    have no place within NetWeaver. We don’t want to chaise these questions away,    therefore we created the new forum. I encourage all moderators to improve the    signal ratio in their forums by moving threads that don’t fit into /community [original link is broken] Let me know what you think.

One of the Keynotes at Etech    this year was by William    H. Janeway talking about Alternative    Models of the Venture Investing Process.

During the question and answer session he made the following comment, and I    am paraphrasing: Think about it, SAP is the third largest independent software    company, doing it over 30 years. Why has there never been successful ventures    spawned out from SAP?

He is right, I don’t know of any equivalents to Tom    Siebels, Marc    Benioffs or Rob    Glassers coming from within SAP zeroing in on an opportunity and stepping    out of the large shadow of SAP and making it big.

He speculated that it has to do with the different mentality. But the 5 founders    of SAP stepped out of the shadow of IBM and made it big. Is that the exception    to the mentality rule? Or what else plays a role?

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  1. Former Member
    Guys, I’m wondering if it would be appropriate to create a BC forum. I know its been superceded but there are still lots of people using it with lots of questions. I can’t find any other decent BC forums.

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