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What is the difference between Knowledge Management and Knowledge Warehouse?

YES, they are two different solutions within SAP NetWeaver!!

Knowledge Management: The Knowledge Management platform is delivered within the SAP Enterprise Portal and provides access to an organization’s unstructured information (documents). The information may reside in multiple repositories that can be connected to the portal by repository managers. (Some repository managers are delivered by SAP; other can be programmed based on open APIs.) The functions of the KM platform can be exposed to the documents in all connected repositories, given that the respective repository manager allows it.

The major functional areas of KM are: • Content Management, which supports the entire lifecycle of documents, including the authoring, storage, management, and display of documents. It also manages the connection between document repositories and the portal and provides collaborative functions such as feedback, rating, subscription, etc. • Search and Classification (TREX), which processes search queries on free-text or attributes, and provides automatic classification in taxonomies and text mining. TREX is also used in other building blocks of SAP NetWeaver such as SAP Business Intelligence.

Knowledge Warehouse: SAP Knowledge Warehouse delivers the infrastructure you need to set up and manage your own enterprise-specific knowledge base in the areas of documentation, training, and manuals. For project teams and end users, SAP Knowledge Warehouse streamlines training and business processes, helping to reduce costs. In addition, the ability to reuse, supplement, and continually update SAP content offers a great savings potential.

SAP KW provides an information repository for companies of all sizes – including global multilingual companies – with facilities to model structures according to their corporate and market structure.

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  • What is the long term strategy for KW in regards to NetWeaver and will there be closer integration with portal archicture like that enjoyed by KM now?
    • hi,

      I would like to know whether a non-SAP application(like a java application running on an IBM Websphere)can get benefited out of the TREX features?

      Hope it needs some TREX java client to be there in such a non-SAP application.

      If it is so, is there any possibility that we can get that TREX java client downloaded from some SAP site and get it installed along with the Application? Does that help in achieving the TREX functionality?

      Thanks & best regds,