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Here comes another improvement to the SAP Developer Network. The introduction    of categories within the Forums.

The list of forums in the Collaboration    Area of SDN got really long, so we added categories to make it easier to    find the one you are looking for. Additional advantage, if you don’t care about our separation within a category,    you just select its header and you get all recent posts within that category.

We also changed the order slightly, bringing the categories with the most    posts to the top of the list. To round it all up, we added a what’s new section to the top, that will inform    you about new forums and other changes within this area.

I also put in a subliminal message just underneath the first category header.    A message I took from Brian McKellar and the BSP forum:


“Keep in mind that a community lives because of its users. You’re      welcome to ask questions at all times, but you must return within one day      to also answer one! ”

As a good SDN citizen you should.

Bummer, today was April Fool and we missed the opportunity to switch back to    the old forum software with the message: “Trial period of new forum software    ran out on the 31st of March, reviews and feedback regarding the new functionality    was not enthusiastic enough, this is why we switched back.” That would have    been so cool. I guess we are too busy introducing improvements.

Bonus Link: If you are not sure how Blogs and RSS and all that works    together, here is an excellent    Weblog post including graphic by Roland Tanglao with a step by step description.    The beauty is, that it nicely continues within the comments. Read it all. [Via    Jeff Nolan of SAP Ventures]

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  1. Benny Schaich-Lebek
    I have the feeling that this really works better from week to week, as I’m not any longer the first one to answer questions in most cases.

    A BIG thank YOU to all contributors in our forums!



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