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All those lids..

Having been brought up in the internet age, I have always found myself at peace with web applications. Infact my first application which any one might have used was a online calendar system using cgi-perl on good ol’ DEC Alpha(God! Those were good machines :D) Then joining the professional world put me in to the foray of java based web apps and their related development and wonders of MVC pattern. And now last couple of years in portal and I am just intrigued by the number of skills a good portal consultant would have. Just look at the Technical Consultant Skillset profile image below from Portal ASAP methodology

Traditionally(:D as if portals has been that old) SAP has given portal consultants three broad roles – Implementation Consultant, Development Consultant, KM Consultant. But if you have been in long enough you would find yourself switching between these three and much more different roles. To give it a another prespective just look at the number of teams you would interacting at a client

  • Infrastruture/LAN Group All those portal environments need to be set in the LAN so this the first group you might interact. So the hat you might wear over here could very well be of a IT Infrastructure Dude. These guys are famous for thier Landscaping(pun intended) skills.
  • Security Group Now is the good time to wear your LDAP/User Management hat. As these guys are going to talk to you all about users, groups, schema permissions and sychronization etc. Be ready to fight the permissions battle as you will have to prove why do you need to give so much permissions to the user who is installing portal.
  • BASIS Group Time for some SSO and related fun. A very important group. Respect these guys 😉 This might be the linch pin of implementation.Having a lil bit of BASIS knowledge always help in this group.
  • Developers Content development at work over here. Gear up with your Java or ASP books. Start making rounds to SDN. Read my articles 😀
  • Functional/Business The power users of the implementation. Be senstive to their needs. You gotta be a good listener and bring that charm of yours and donot use more than two TLA in a sentence.

    This in no way is a comprehensive list of roles you would be see out there. But still covers the most important ones.

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  • Very good perspective!!! Glad it’s not just me that has difficulty now when someone says “What do you do?” or “So, are you functional or technical?” or “Functional? So are you config or business process?” or “Technical? So are you systems or tools?”. Argggg! It’s just easier to explain to them that your are Superman. =)
  • I have worn all of these lids on various projects. I have developed my own lid with the ability to electronically display the role I’m playing at the moment. It works like the changeable signs on the New Jersey Turnpike.
  • Hi Pankaj,

    May be this is not the right place to ask my question. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    I have been working in the area of Enterprise Apps for around 5 years using Java/J2EE stuffs (JSP/Servlets, EJBs, Struts , Design Patterns and bla bla bla..I am a core java object guy)…from core Developer to the Architect role.

    Having worked for some successful projects and looking at the market requirement, now I feel that I should make change of my focus and move to SAP Enterprise Portal.

    How should I get started in this way ? What are the basics I must go thru to move to SAP enterprise portals ?


    Ahmed Ferdous

  • Yo brother…

    Next time when some fellow functional consultants or technical consultants ask me something regarding what I am and what do I do…shall tell them to look into the skillset matrix and point out..”Portal is a bit omnipresent”…we do everything..