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Last Thursday was a great day in the SDN Collaboration Land, at least for me. First Fastest Scan of SDN Forum Posts via an RSS -Aggregator was really happy to have discovered DJ’s great RSS article through my blog, and then for a brief moment, there were a record-breaking 63 users online at the same time in the SDN Forums.


That we sent out the latest SDN Newsletter just the day before helped a lot, I guess. But this morning without a new newsletter, I saw 63 again. Wow. Maybe I missed the highest point. If you ever see a number higher than 63, please make a screenshot and send it to A memory stick to the first one to report a, dare I say it, three digit Online User number. (Screen shot of the whole first page would be good.)

I still get asked about RSS aggregators. You may be unsure if you should try it. Here is my suggestion, check either Feedster or Bloglines; both of them are online and really easy to get started. Create a user and subscribe to the main
SDN Weblog feed: and the main
SDN Forum feed:
With our current forum traffic you will see how the posts are rolling in within an hour, and you get a couple of Weblog posts per day too. See how you like it.

Bonus Feed: Dilbert:
Just to get the daily Dilbert cartoon is worth the use of an RSS Aggregator.

Bonus Link: Before someone comments that I am only doing this to read comics, here is Scoble with Why RSS is more productive than the Web and it’s true. Since the RSS is working I am able to scan all SDN forum posts, which is a huge improvement to reading all the subscription emails, which I very seldom got around to doing.

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