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Chad Dickerson at Infoworld sees an RSS    tipping point since their Top    News RSS feed file is requested more often than their home page and rising    rapidly. We are doing our part to tip the scale too. Our Weblogs have been available    via RSS feeds since the beginning. (See: Newsreaders give Weblog Content extra Speed) But now thanks to some tweaking by the    platform team, you can also subscribe to posts in the     SDN Forums.

After giving you the possibility to watch the SDN forums and get the posts    automatically Watch out! You might get what you’re after., we give you an even faster way to scan the forum posts,    by aggregating them using one of the RSS feeds. Examples: All SDN forum posts, EP Content Development Forum, EP6SP2 Remote Debugging with Eclipse  Thread. Usually at the bottom left of the page forum page you will find    the little orange icon: image    Copy the shortcut into your RSS Aggregator and off you go.

RSS Bonus links:


  1. Great      RSS Tools Wiki page from the RSS      Winterfest conference. Both pages loaded with links to the latest in regards      to RSS.

  3. While searching for RSS information on SDN I stumbled over this great article      from [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] about using RSS in the SAP environment: Set      Your WAS 6 10 System To Work – Transport Tracking with RSS

  5. Doc Searls about the World      Life Web
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  1. Former Member
    I’ve just started researching how my company can use RSS with SAP when I came across DJ’s article.  It was OUTSTANDING.  I should probably have posted this message over there.  In any case, I’m a basis system admin with a background in programing.  When he laid out, step by step, what was involved in setting up an RSS feed, it turned on the lightbulb over my head.  Suddenly I could see how simple it was and how easy it would be to set this up for all kinds of things.  The thing I’ve been struggling with is deciding what kinds of information I’m most interested in seeing in this format.  I can tell that event-driven, article-type information would be the best application of RSS, but I don’t have a lot of that.  All kinds of regular reports might best be distributed this way.  I know we print a lot of the same documents over and over.  We’ve encouraged the business to share the spool files, but that’s kind of clunky and nobody was crazy about it.  I think the business might become enthusiastic over these kinds of reports delivered to an RSS aggregator like SharpReader or Gush or something.
  2. Andreas Huppert
    I am using Thunderbird for the SDN RSS feeds. However, every time I check for new items, the items that I have already read show up again as new items. I don’t have this problem with other RSS feeds, so I guess this could be a SDN problem?

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