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Back in my SAP consulting days I was amazed at how even small changes in the configuration can make a big difference for the usability of certain business processes.

Today we did one with the e-mail notification of the SDN forums. We added the “Title” and the “Text” of the forum post to the forum watch e-mail.

Now when I get notified about a new post, I see right away what it is about, whether I can answer the question or it answers one of my questions.

With one click I am right in the forum or the thread and can post the answer or an additional question.

What you can’t do anymore though is change your post after someone has replied. In my opinion the reply was given to the current status of the question. It wouldn’t be fair to the person answering, if one would change the wording of the question afterwards.

In case of typos you can send a request to and we will correct them for you.

Hope you like the improvements, Mark.

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  1. Mark Finnern Post author
    Smileys would show up in code sample posted within the SDN forums. From now on 🙂 will not be transformed anymore in the body of the forum post. You will still get the icons in the post title. Don’t think that a lot of code will be posted there 😉

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