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One neat feature of the new forums is that you can see    who is currently reading, posting, or answering. The little flags prove how    international the SDN developer community is, and it helps me to learn which    country has what flag.

This is the Bulgarian one: image

When I logged on this morning for the first time, there were over 40 people    in the forums. Will there be 100 by month’s end? Send me a screen shot, in case    I’m sleeping while that happens.

P.S. Don’t try the RSS feeds, they don’t work yet. We’ll let you know as soon as they do. 

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  1. Christopher Solomon
    I am diggin it! Loving the new features added (almost) daily….it’s like Christmas (or Dec. 25th to those that don’t celebrate) around here almost every time I login. One request…can you make the columns on the “Look who’s online” table to be sortable….both ascend/desceding….and with different colors/icons depending on which way…..hehehe …typical client/customer feedback, eh? =)


    p.s. Why does this only apply to the forums though? Why not show where they are around SDN in general? Just a thought…

    1. Mark Finnern Post author
      Yes a bit typical, nice feedback, only slightly dampened by the realization, that it is only to sweeten a new feature request 🙂

      Still appreciated, Mark.


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