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My experiments with EP6 took a drastic turn today. To get to know more about this, I will have to tell a bit of history.

As any other consultant my who professinal working universe is right inside my notebook. And being the techno geek one has to have the latest and greatest OS on one’s notebook. So I have WinXP pro on the notebook. Being a EP5 dude also mandates to have that on the notebook, so gotta have win2k on the box. Since I also love the penguins and I am awaiting Netweaver/EP6 release on Linux I also have Redhat 9 on the same notebook. So in short I have 3 OSes on it. When I am working on day to day stuff OS is XP. When ever I need to do portal work I would switch to Win2k. Linux has been kindda dormant.

When EP6 became GA and I wrote Part 1 of this series I had done the install on Win2k part of my notebook. But then after reading about EP6 on MSDE and some good blogs from Oliver , I ventured into using the same Database files and EP6 files to run portal on Win2k and XP

So far I have been able to do this. But on XP my CPU usage is constantly 100%. For now for learning purposes I will run EP6 on Win2k and R&D would be done on Win XP. If any one has someclue about 100% CPU usage please send in a helping email or comment below.

Update I had started experiencing problems in the portal on both i.e. Win2k as well as Win XP. So I ended up removing the EP6 install and then reinstalling EP6 on WinXP only. Earlier experience of installing on both was quite helpful. Be advised EP6 is not supported on WinXP. I happen to do it as XP is my day to day work OS and this way i won’t have to switch between different OSes.

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    1. Pankaj Kumar Post author
      Hi Solomon

      The only gotcha is regarding the database. I don’t know about Oracle but if you decide to use MSSQL 2000. SQL 2000 server is not supported on Win XP and therefore you will have to install MSDE. Latest release at is MSDE 2000 Rel A. That is what I installed. You donot have to apply SP3 patch on it. But still have to apply the patch SQL2000-KB810185-8.00.0844-ENU.exe mentioned in Oliver’s excellant document “Installation of the EP60 ZIP File with PDK”.

      Most important don’t just double click the setup.exe of MSDE. As installing with default setting leads to wrong COLLATION settings for the database. The way to customize instllation is by creating a .ini file and then executing setup.exe from command prompt. Here is the .ini file I am using it is called MyParameters.ini


      Then I use the following commandline

      setup /settings “MyParameters.ini”

      This installs MSDE with correct COLLATION settings. Then you can use the MS SQL Server 2000 CD to install client utilities like Enterprise Manager on the system.

      Now install the above mentioned patch. And your database is all set for an EP6 installation.

      Please keep in mind that so far I have just installed portal platform and disabled the SAP* user. Few times when I started portal my CPU usage gets stuck at 100%. I am hoping that this would go once I have upgraded the J2EE engine to Patch level 19. So far haven’t got the time to do so.

      Hope this helps.



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