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Did you now that SAP Master Data Management integrates services from powerful Business Information Providers (BIP) such as Dun & Bradstreet (D&B)? After correcting or completing business partner master data in SAP MDM according to the D&B information provided, the update can be distributed to other systems within the landscape, so the customer can benefit from the improved master data quality in all relevant application systems – which helps improve business processes and analyses dramatically.
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    1. Former Member
      We are planning to an integration with D&b  but there is problem of field lenght in name & address as compared to standard SAP.
      How can we over come it ? Any suggetions will be welcomed
      1. Markus Ganser
        Post author
        The Business Information Provider capabilities are generic and were used to integrate with DUNS. The implementation of DUNS information into a business partner depends on the data model choosen for Business Partner on MDM. Here it has to be assured that the received data format is compliant with those coming from DUNS. However, we currently have not identified any issue yet with this. Hope this info helps you
    1. Markus Ganser
      Post author
      Generally, BIP Integration in SAP MDM enables you to request information about a business partner from business information providers such as Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) and to correct or enrich your business partner master data in the master data server. For example, you can request the D-U-N-S number of a business partner from D&B and add this to your business partner master data, or replace an out-of-date D-U-N-S number.
      You may need to have a contract with a business information provider, for example D&B, before you can request and receive information from them. You also need to know whether there are any technical constraints when exchanging files, such as whether you can request information about more than one business partner at a time.
      In SAP MDM, you can use either a file-based solution or an XI-based solution (SAP Exchange Infrastructure)to integrate business information provider (BIP) information into your business partner master data.

      BIP Data Exchange Using File Transfer:

      This is a manual solution with an offline interface. Files are used to exchange data between the master data server (MDS) and D&B. You create an export file to request information from D&B and upload the import files into the MDS in SAP MDM. In this way you can enrich business partners stored on the MDS with information
      sent by file from D&B. The response files can be returned in different ways, for example, on a CD or by email.

      BIP Data Exchange Using the SAP Exchange Infrastructure (XI):

      This is an automated data enrichment process that is carried out using the XI and business information provider products, such as LookUp or QuickCheck from Dun & Bradstreet. LookUp is used to get the D-U-NS Number for a business partner, which is then used as a basis for requesting other information. QuickCheck is used to check the creditworthiness of a business partner. Data exchange is based on the XML services
      provided by D&B in the D&B XML Data Integration Toolkit. This is a web-based set of software components that a company can use to build its own interface with D&B so that ‘real time’ business information can be delivered directly into its systems or applications. As this is a generic interface, customers can easily set up
      access to all the products provided by the D&B, or even to products from other business information providers.
      The general process for the XI solution is as follows:
      · A request is sent in XML format from the master data server through the XI to D&B
      · The response from D&B is sent through the SAP Exchange Infrastructure to the master data server
      · The central attributes (such as the D-U-N-S number) are stored in the master data server, and the complete data is stored as an XML file in the content management, if you have specified this in
      They are then uploaded manually into the MDS.

      1. Former Member
        Hi Markus,

        is the “BIP Data Exchange Using the SAP Exchange Infrastructure (XI)” still available? I’m just asking as the XI release is changing 2.0, 3.0 etc. Where I can find more documentation e.g. if QuickCheck request (based on the DUNS) is part of XI or part of somewhere else (e.g. MDM)?

        Thanks for your help, Peter


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