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EP6 Just Playing – Parte Una

So where do I start. Ah right, right from the installation. Installation of EP6 has changed, and yeah for the better. For folks who have been tinkering with SAP products will feel right at home as installer is based on SAPInst. But new for me was that one has to create schemas for the database, of course the good installer has that as the first option. So no problem there. After that one just starts the SAPInst again and select installation of portal or portal + CM. I chose just vanilla portal. This is where the interesting part starts coz you essentially sit thru watching SAPInst doing all sorts of stuff during the install while you are a silent observer. I made this part interesting by ordering a pizza from Papa Johns. There was a 30mins wait there. But they delivered it in 25mins and installation was about finished by the time I has finished my pizza. Before moving further on SAPInst is a big improvement as you can see the moving log of the install. In EP5 there were times when one would just be wishing everything is going fine.

So now the moment of truth had arrived, without having to reboot my little notebook even once :D. I was ready to login, but hey I never supplied any password or admin user for the portal. In good ol’ days of EP5 there used to be Super Admin Guy whose existence was in registry. Okay time for reading the fine manual 😀 Hmm.. now there is this SAP* user which we have to use. Cool I am in the portal Installation guide said to disable the SAP* user. So I created a user using the Create User. After this I tried to disable SAP* by providing this username but portal refused to accept this saying this user is not kosher. I had to assign the newly created user super admin role before I could disable SAP* user. BTW why this big deal about disabling SAP* user coz without disabling that no one else can log in. I will continue with this later on.

PS: In case you wondered why I said Parte Una in the title of this blog. These day I am in San Diego and a lot of people over here know Spanish. I learnt that from a friend 😀

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  • Hi Pankaj,

    Good to see your note, we are in EP5 SP5 right, we thought of going for EP6 upgrade, but SAP recommends to goto EP5 SP6 and then to EP6 which is on WEB AS 6.4(which will be avaiable in Q3 it seems)…

    How you did your upgrade.EP5 SP6 to EP6 SP2 is it.


    • Senthil

      I didn’t do a upgrade but rather installed afresh. As it was a demo install for my company and me. I am very much interested in hearing about EP6 upgrade stories. Any one out there in the field has anything to say.

      On a presonal note, Shajil is at the same client as I am 😀


  • Hi Pankaj,

    You can disable the SAP* profile by going to file.
    If u happen to disable the profile without assigning the created user the admin role, u can again goback to set the property to true,restart the server logon, assign the admin role to the created user and then disbale the SAP* .
    Hope this helps.