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Running EP5.0 SP5 PDK on SAP J2EE 6.20

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        • Could you please elobrate a bit more as to what you mean by “remote deployments within eclipse”.

          For now I will assume that mean, you have installed the j2ee pdk as described in this weblog on SYS1 and you have eclipse installed on SYS2 with the PDK plugin. You want to develop portal components on SYS2 and when they are ready to test you want to deploy it to SYS1 where the PDK is installed.

          I have never done that. But I think it might be possible. In eclipse if you go to Windows->Preferences->Portal Development Kit. You would see on the right hand side Irj Server Name, Port etc. try putting SYS1 and the port over there. Tell me if it worked for you.


          • Hi Pankaj,

            thanks for your help. You got me right.
            I couldn`t try the remote deployment from within eclipse because I`m out of office for a while… but I`ll get back to you when I`m back…

            Kind regards, Jens

          • Ok I tested it. The remote deployment works fine but I can`t debug over the remote connection (Eclipse hangs on estab. connection)…
            Maybe a permission thing?

            Regards, Jens

  • Hi,
    i tried the detailed description on how to deploy the tomcat pdk onto SAP J2EE engine but i can’t get it run. The Engine is starting but the start of the
    http://localhost:8100/irj/servlet/prt/portal doesn’t work. In my browser window i receive the info the server is not running.
    Also I found the message “dispatcher could not be set” is this the reason ? Any help how to resolve the problem would be fantastic.

    Regards   Mathias

    • Mathias

      Which version of PDK you are running. I wrote this article for SP5 PDK. Latest PDK is SP6 and I have tried the same steps and got the same error you are getting i.e. “dispatcher could not be set”.  I will update when I have something new.


        • Interesting.. Coz I have got this running with SP5. So now that I am getting the same error as you with SP6. If I can crack it for SP6 maybe I will have an answer for you.


          • Pankaj,

            the problem which i mentioned occures on jdk1.4. Now i have tried the same with jdk1.3 and there i got this failure: Error during import of pcd content. Furthermore: repository_configuration_file.xml not found. Cannot configure repositories. STOPPING… METHOD: UserPersistenceManager.
            Any idea ??

            Regards   Mathias

          • Mathias,

            My suggestion is uninstall all JDKs, Tomcats, SAP J2EEs from the box you are installing PDK to. Install JDK. Setup the JAVA_PATH variable. Install J2EE again. Then try what is given in this blog. Also tryit only on a Win2K box.


          • Hello Pankaj,

            thanks for your help. Hopefully that will be the problem because i tried all my explained installation on xp…i will try it if i will get my Win2K box. In the meanwhile i run my PDK on XP, Tomcat and Eclipse.
            There i want to create the Hello World PAR in the section getting started. After the portal component project has been created, the ‘New Master iView’ Wizard pops up, prompting me to select a template. But there is no selectable template…have you any idea  ??

            Thanks in advance…Mathias