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How to use your PDK 60 on Enterprise Portal 6.0

How to use your PDK 60 on Enterprise Portal 6.0

Comprehensive guide

What is PDK 60.x ?

Contrary to PDK 50.x, PDK 60.x is shipped as a business package (.epa file).
Customers may download it from –> content
catalog –> specialist –> other. It contains no server or Enterprise
Portal files.

What does PDK contain ?

PDK 60.x basically contains bundled documentation about the programing model
of EP 6.0, samples, tutorials, and with SP2 still the Eclipse plugins for
the Enterprise Portal development environment. The eclipse plugins are also
available at downloads.

*How to setup PDK? *

Customers first have to install an Enterprise Portal 6.0 from CD and import
the PDK business package. It is a general decision how to setup the developer
environment. CD form Enterprise Portal are currently only available for licensed
customers, probably from 2004 on there will be also a “Developer Edition” for
download. Afterwar installation of EP 6.0 the PDK 60 business package may
be imported into Enterprise Portal.

How to setup a develeoper landscape ?

Scenario 1: Some central instances on servers.


Advantage: Performance, central administration, syndication of content

Disadvantage: Less flexible

Scenario 2: Some local installations on developers desktop.

Recommendations for local desktop version:

For EP 60 it is recommend to use a newer P4 desktop CPU 2,8 GHz++ and 1 GB

Hint for developer installations.


8) If using


set under


accroding to your installation, suitable for other machines.

check hostname=localhost:50000 and
check servletpath=C:/usr/sap/P601/global/config/cm

ootWEB-INFportalsystemcm and :


9) ZIP up /usr/sap/*

10) Move to new machine and unzip

11) Manually attach DBs

12) Start portal

13) Write installation instruction for your colleagues ;-).



Best Regards,


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  • Hi,

    Thank you very much for the article. I’m a big friend of unzip installations as well.
    On a developer PC you are usually not using Windows server as an operating system which is a requirement for EP6 according to the PAM. So, will this also run on Windows XP?

    Kind regards,


  • Hi Oliver,
    what is the solution for the liecensekey problem?
    Can I have some aktive sessions on an EP6 Server without installig a license or do I have to get a valid licensekey for every developer installation?
    Regards, Lutz Rottmann
  • Hi,
    I am trying to install PDK for EP6.0 as a developer instance. I am not able to follow the DB files attaching and detaching part in the instruction you have mentioned.

    Can you please explain in detail? Also what other components have to be installed in developer System?

    Thanks in advance.

    • No other components, but I will put a more detailled instruction as an article on SDN.
      Detach and attach simply with you SQL Server Enterprise Manager. Select teh database –> AllTasks –> Detach database.

      Thats it.