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Java thoughts testing in Scrap Book

For my present gig in Enterprise portals I am developing a people finder application for the client based on a SQL Server database. Since the development environment for PDK is eclipse, I have been using that heavily for some time. Quite a few times I would like to test few basic ideas or functionality of APIs before putting the code in mail application being developed.   Till now I would typically write a new class with main method and the idea code in it. See the results and then integrate it in the application. This approach works but has some problems like importing the neccessary classes in the test class and that takes time.   Scarapbook functionality is a great help in this regards.You can enter an expression in the Scrapbook page. This could be something simple like System.out.println(“Hello World”), or a snippet of your Java code. To create a scrapbook page, select Create a Scrapbook Page or use the New wizard. Scrapbook pages can be located in Java projects, folders, source folders, and packages.  It is good to see some product with developer insight. And you can’t beat the price 😀
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