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Portal Data Viewer and EP 6.0.x

Use  Portal       Data Viewer (PDV) in EP 6.0 ?

Which  role should  the   quite popular PDV play in your decisions regarding development for Enterprise     Portal 6.0 ?

To answer have a closer look at PDV:


PDV is a Portal Component, which imeplements the HMLB for JAVA       TableView Control.


PDV adds 2 nice features. One is the enduser personalization of tablecolums.     The price you have to pay for this feature is, that you do not implement     just a control in your page, but that you reference a readymade Portal Componenet.     So you gain speed in implementing but you loose flexiblity. And you can achieve     everything known from PDV also with HTMLB.


The other feature is the cause why it was invented. It offers a ready to     run Java implementation for the SAP R/3 Query. But notably, exactly this     one has never been implemented in remarkable numbers by content projects.

Unfortenately this is maybe the cause , why  PDV was often missunderstood       and misapplied as a connection tool. This was never what it was intended   to do. So if you dont use SAP Query or extensive enduser column personalization,  consider not   to use PDV and “native” HTMLB instead for content development    in EP 6.0.


The future is Webdynpro:

With Webdynpro, EP will offer a complete architecture and toolset for developing   user interfaces for any needs , also without coding one single line. This will be the successor for most business cases of PDV.


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  • Hi
    Where can i find information on PDV in EP6.
    I don’t find anything about it in the EP 6.0 documentation. If it is still there, how can we use it???