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In Another paradigm shift?! That’s so 90’s. I talked about the reasons why we invented SAP ViewPoint and about what needs it can fill for you. In this weblog I’d like to talk a little about ViewPoint’s patent-pending concept and how all this magic happens. It is important to stress that the following is only a simplified overview of the architecture and that the underlying implementation is more complex and may differ from what is illustrated.

In a way, one can say that ViewPoint is a middleman. It stands between the content creators (or publishers) and the content users (or consumers) and prioritizes incoming content to interested users based on their preferences. The following illustration may help understand the concept.


In SDN, the three publishers on the right could very well be the SAP Notes system, the weblogs system and the SDN document repository. As new content comes in it is fed into ViewPoint’s article processor. The processor, based on user preferences, assigns a priority for each article to each user. In the example above, article B was rated 1 by one consumer, 6 by another and 0 by the third.

The subjective priority of each article is later taken into account when generating the page for each individual user. The higher the priority of the article, the more prominent it will appear on a user’s front page. Conversely, the lower the priority of the article, the less likely it to show. The extreme case being articles prioritized 0, which are prevented from showing at all.

Simple? Yes. Powerful? Yes.

So what are you waiting for? Visit DevToday (SDN’s implementation of ViewPoint) and create yourself a profile that matches your interests.


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