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Moving past “embrace and extend”

Jon Udell concludes (in part) “Yeah, ’embrace and extend’ was so much fun, I can hardly wait for ‘replace and defend.'” in this post about the new xml based formats in Longhorn. Yeah, a lot of these do look like replacements for existing standards at first glance. Seeing Microsoft pursue alternatives to emerging standards like XForms (Infopath) and SVG (WVG) is one thing, but seeing them pursue alternatives to CSS (Adaptive-flow) and Schema (WinFS schema definition) is quite another. Perhaps this explains why Internet Explorer is atrophying. Why work at improving or adding support for things you no longer have intrest in for the future?

Then again it is never that simple. In this case blogs help us to see that, especially with the openness that some Microsoft developers (see John Montgomery or Dare Obasanjo in particular) are willing to talk about these issues. Be sure to follow the links in the above post. Lots of good food for thought if you care about web standards as much as I do. And remember, don’t be too quick to judge.

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  • Thanks for pointing out the dangers of Longhorn and the direction MS is heading and th eimpact it’ll have to the web.

    The dominance of MS IE is dangerous to the innovation of the Web. There where so many good standards like PNG, MNG, XHTML, CSS 2, JPEG2000, SVG, XForms, … which are not adopted due to lacking support in MS-IE.
    The only Innovation is taking place in Plug-ins where the functionality of MS-IE can be extended by the user like PDF and Flash.

    What if MS sweep even this away?
    Then the Web is owned be Microsoft.
    Call Mozilla, Opera, Safari, Konqueror to the

    Frerk Meyer