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A good SDN Collaboration Day

There are some days, where things just fall into place. For me, looking after the collaboration area within SDN, today was one of those.

First email in my inbox this morning was from Ciara Mathews. Actually I woke    up remembering, that I owed her an email, with information regarding our new    forum structure, but that is another Weblog. She is part of our platform team    in London and her message wasn’t about the structure, but about the forum titles,    that were until today so dearly missed by me and at least three posters in the    SDN_suggestion forum.

She was hinting yesterday, that she found a way to display at least the technical    names, so we would have some underlines, which was O.K. with me, better than    no title at all. But now the email said she did some magic and they all looked    good, and the advantage of being a whole workday behind Europe is, that it was    successfully tried in our test system and hurray already implemented in production.    Right away I did three of my favorite posts in the forum: “We have done    what you were asking for”.

Quick check how the Weblogs are doing? Wow, already two out there today, one    of them from my pal Marc Goodner about “Moving past “embrace and extend”“. Very interesting stuff and so relevant for what we are    doing. I especially like, that he is pointing to things that are happening outside    of SAP. Sometimes I have the feeling, and I include myself in there as one of    the culprits (hope that is not a too strong word), we are too much centered    around our own little pond.

Glance further down to yesterday’s blogs, count once, count twice. Wow, we    had four weblogs yesterday? That is a first, and that without cheating, non    of them were written by me. Nice.

Love the funny The most famous code I ever wrote doesn’t even compile    from Brian and don’t miss Marc’s comment, reminded me of my first structured    programming class in school. Which is also a nice sign, most of the blogs get    comments.

Then I got an email from Brian McKellar with two screen shots. One is the end    of the longest thread within the BSP forum,    actually of all SDN forums.


Humor not only in Weblogs, but also in the forums. Excellent, we need more    of that.

Brian was also so kind to thank us for the forum titles:


You are all welcomed.

Today was a good day for SDN, it felt a bit like you developers are settling    in, getting a bit more comfortable around here. It looks like you are finding    interesting and funny things within SDN and it proofs to be worth your time,    which is great.

We know we have ways to go, for example with the usability of the forums, but    today I am a happy camper and go home now.

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