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Howard Rheingold on SmartMobs

If you don’t know what Smart Mobs are (where have you been?) then this article should bring you up to speed. If you do already know there isn’t a lot new there, though I like seeing the topic covered in a SAP publication. Below are what I found to be the two most interesting observations from Rheingold on this phenomenon.

“The impact of smart mob technology already appears to be both beneficial and destructive, used by some of its earliest adopters to support democracy and by others to coordinate terrorist attacks.”

“The people who make up smart mobs cooperate in ways never before possible because they carry devices that possess both communication and computing capabilities. Dirt-cheap microprocessors embedded in everything from box tops to shoes are beginning to permeate furniture, buildings, products with invisible intercommunicating smartifacts.”

Smartifacts? Oh well, not every meme takes.

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