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Content Developing with EP 6.0 and R/3

Hello all again,

In the last few months I was often asked how to develop content with the new EP6.0. I have some general remarks about that.

Connecting to R/3:

If you want to connect to R/3 4.6c and smaller with Java:

Do not use JCO directly or EP 5.0 JcoClientService. Our experience was that calling JCO directly without deep understandning of RFC connections causes too much trouble in productive use. There is still a lot of developer knowledge necessary, to get the connection management of RFC with lots of users done.
Use our JCA 1.0 compliant SAP Connectorframework for that. SAP CF offers a connection management. Therefore you don’t have to care about this anymore. Well, I expect also here still some bugs in the future, because it’s a new API, so we can fix it centrally.

If you want to connect to R/3 4.6c and smaller with ITS:

Well, this is still not forbidden and always a consideration worth, if there is already a fine running installation of ITS at place. You may loose the advantages of a tight integration into the portal but you gain some other advantages for certainm business cases:

SAP WebGui is very productive to create secure and reliable backend transactions, esp. for Employee Self Services

SAP IAC is still a productive way to programm to prgramm backen transactions in html.

If you want to connect to R/3 Kernel 6.10 and above:

We recommend BSPs and integrate them as an BSP iview into the portal if you have simple scenarios (from an EP perspective).
The best solution however ist to create webservices in the backend and webservice clients in EP 6.0. We offer Eclipse plugins to achive this. You may support thereby a strategy towards open Netwaever programming models and xapps.

Attention: Until EP6.0 SP2 patch 4 or EP6.0 SP5 there is only limited support for ABAP document literal webservices


In EP6.0 SP2 we still use Java Server 6.20, so we don’t offer Webdynpro. With EP 6.0 SP3 we use Java Server 6.40 and so we will offer WD. Webdynpro will still run as a servlet, but with a integration into the portal runtime.

Best Regards,


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  • Hi,

    I tried out the example and all’s fine.
    When I wanted to use JCA for business purposes the Code samples, tutorials provided were not of much use.

    It would be better if we have more tutorials, code samples for JCA on SDN.

    K. Prasanna

      • sorry you can downlaod PDK 6.0 only as rampup customer so far.
        This is not a nice solution, but we didnt find a legal  modus so far how we can provide betas to developers. I think we wil have a solution for that in near future.

        I ll ask my colleagues to provide some additional samples for JCA in future.

  • Hi Oliver,

    Can you pls. elaborate more on your following comment in this article?

    Attention: Until EP6.0 SP2 patch 4 or EP6.0 SP5 there is only limited support for ABAP document literal webservices.

    We are upgrading from EP5 to EP6. We have done lot of custom development in EP6. Is this something that may be relevant to us?

    Thanks & Regards,

    Hemant Desai