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So you want to build a composite application…

Hi – my intent here is to help eliminate any confusion that may be out there, regarding the partner/business side of building composite applications. This blog will not teach you how to create an xApp or composite app; you will find other blogs on SDN that cover the technical aspects of building your own. But there is this whole other area of the Partner xApps who/what/why – and I want to cover the many opportunities for SDN members and SAP Partners to take advantage of composite apps. Along the way, I’d also like to share stories from those on the leading edge, who are busy building and deploying composite apps today.

Now that SAP has introduced NetWeaver and the concept of xApps (“Cross-Applications”, which are SAP-branded composite applications), there has been a groundswell of interest in the ISV and SI partner communities for access to this new SAP technology. Existing SAP customers and partners, along with those new to the SAP ecosystem, are eager to start learning about and building composite applications. SAP has formally introduced the official xApps Partner Program and NetWeaver Partner Initiative to steer developers in the right direction and provide them with the tools and resources to properly harness their enthusiasm, but…

Keep in mind that this is an open environment!
You don’t have to be an SAP Partner to build an application on top of NetWeaver. SAP encourages all developers to work with the latest SAP platform technologies and build their very own applications, making use of all that NetWeaver has to offer. The information you will need to accomplish that will be right here, at SDN. As NetWeaver evolves, SDN will reflect the updated technology.

So, the minimum level of participation is through SDN as an independent developer. You can find the technical information you need to build interfaces and applications, and use it in your own way to create applications that you believe will bring phenomenal business value to your company (or to your customers if you are a software or services company).

Take it to the Next Level!
If you build a composite application, you can certify the user interface (iViews) and Web AS interface through the SAP Integration and Certification Center (ICC) in either Palo Alto or Walldorf. Certification has tremendous benefits and guarantees the interface meets SAP’s stringent requirements. The “Powered by NetWeaver” tagline increases awareness that it has SAP’s seal of approval. Plus, SAP will announce to the marketplace that you have joined the “Powered by NetWeaver” family. Certification is open to existing SAP Partners and non-Partners alike.

SAP NetWeaver Partner Initiative
For those companies who require a closer working relationship with SAP, the SAP NetWeaver Partner Initiative is an adjunct to the existing SAP Partner programs, such as SAP Software Partners and SAP Services Partners. Under this initiative, Partners can build independent interfaces to NetWeaver components (such as EP), or composite applications making use of the entire NetWeaver technology stack. There are significant marketing benefits to this program. For more information: SAP NetWeaver Partner Initiative

SAP xApps Partner Program
This is an exclusive group of Partners who work very closely with SAP to build composite applications that meet the highest level of compliance to the xApp development standards that have been defined by SAP. xApps Partners have unprecedented access to SAP xApp development experts, field sales and marketing colleagues. We are always looking for innovative ideas for composite applications from Partners who can offer powerful solutions to targeted business problems out there! For more information: SAP xApps Partnership

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