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Go here and check out the public access Knowledge Shop and look under the General, Web Application Server category. You’ll find both 6.10 and 6.20 releases of the Web AS that will give you a full ABAP enviornment for your enjoyment for about $30 USD. Of course if you are running Linux you can order that version for $0. Quite the deal either way.

These are systems good for installing on your development machine or on a sandbox, they are of course not for productive use etc., etc. The license is temporary but you can extend it regularly here.

Of course the 6.30 Web As that includes the J2EE enviornment is available from the shop for $0 or you can download it here at SDN if you prefer.

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  • Too true.
    I installed the Web AS 6.20 on my laptop (to have business workflowing running for ASUG demos) and it was so simple that I’m recommending it to my mother in law (standard supermarket PC) so that she finally understands how I spend my day.
  • Hi Marc

    I have 6.10 on my Linux system; I’m desperate to get hold of 6.20 or 6.30 but find it’s only available for that other ‘operating system’.

    Could you please give me any info you have on when we can get hold of a 6.20 (or higher) system for our Linux platforms?


    Yours desperately and frustratedly

    DJ Adams

    • Sorry. I have not seen a build of that available on a public site. Maybe there is something at