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Newsreaders give Weblog Content extra Speed

What it it good for, this icon , which suspiciously shows up on different SDN Weblog pages? It is the link to the RSS feed of the SDN Weblogs. RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” or “RDF Site Summary”, depending on whom you ask. (More information here and here).

Newsreader software thrives on these feeds. Using Weblogs without a newsreader is like driving a Porsche but only in the first two gears, which is fast enough in most residential neighborhoods; but out on the Autobahn you want to be able to race through the news items.

So how does it work? The Website with the most information about it is Chris Pirillo’s Lockergnome’s RSS Resource page. There you find links to the most common newsreaders as well as an RSS Quickstart Guide.

Once you have the newsreader of your choice ready, select the SDN RSS Feeds that you are interested in.

We offer the following feeds:

When a new Weblog is posted, your newsreader grabs its summary paragraph and permanent link and displays it something like this:

 Security is not a game

If you like the summary and want to know more, you select the link and it brings you right to that Weblog with SDN.

You will be surprised at how many news sources have RSS feeds. It will totally change the way you keep up with the latest developments in the world and technology. Bring your news reading into fourth gear, fifth, or (gasp) sixth!

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  • One of the things I love the most about syndicating from different feeds (in addition to simply being able to follow many different individuals posts) is that I can get a pulse of what people are talking about. My favorite news reader, NewsMonster, makes it easy by ranking posts by number of references from bloggers/feeds that I read. Ineffect the articles have been vetted by trusted sources based on my subscription to their feeds. It even highlights weblogs I might be interested in that I don’t know about based on the number of links to them from weblogs I do know about.

    OK, OK enough plugging. I obviously don’t work there but I did purchase the full version. The free version is very good too. Highly recommended. Requires Mozilla or Firebird.

  • Well, that is nothing new for new technologies. So does anybody have a hint if I got the chance to subscribe this feed with bloglines?

    All other readers I found need me to install the complete .net framework and that’s too much for me.


    • Hi Benny,

      These newsreaders are very fragile. Make sure that you don’t have a space before the link when subscribing.

      What I do is right-click over the rss-1.0 button, select ‘copy shortcut’ and paste it into the subscription URL field of the newsreader.

      Hope that helps, Mark.

      • YES! it was exactly this!
        OK, this shows we are in early adaptor phase of this software. I’ll keep this in mind.

        Now there is something with our firewalls, but I’ll tayke this one too….


  • Hi Mark

    I kept forgetting to mention it … but the dc:creator element in each item is empty. It would be great to have this filled (with the weblog item’s author). Otherwise, great job, SDN! I’m happily consuming the main feed in the Straw RSS aggregator.