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Blogging the JWSDP as an NT service

So last week I ran into a situation where I wanted to get the version of Tomcat    that comes with the JWSDP    1.2 installed and running on a machine here as an NT service. The reason    is simple, I’m keeping a running demo of the WS-I Sample Application on .NET,    JWSDP and NetWeaver up internally. Trouble is that despite the fact there is    lots of help and tools for getting Tomcat up and running as an NT service they    all seem to rely on things missing in the JWSDP version. I’d googled and googled    and gotten nowhere until How do you solve business questions without the support of the OLAP Command Processor? showed up in the    blogs roll list on O’Reilly.    Unfortunately none of the references there helped. Back to Google for one last    try with jwsdp    “nt service”.

Now at the time I am writing this that search gets 11 hits, one of them is    the post mentioned above and another is a link roll I keep referenceing that    post. Right in between them is a post from another    blog that only mentions a java NT Service manager in the cache from Google    because the post rolled off the main page already. But joy of joys the tool    mentioned there, JavaService    from Alexandria Software    Consulting, does the trick. Best of all its free via a BSD style license.

So what’s the point in all this? Well besides the fact that you might also want to get the JWSDP Tomcat set up as an NT service its interesting to see the impact of blogs on searches for detailed information. I think that it gets harder and harder in some ways to find specific technical information I’m looking for via Google at the same time that blogs are bringing more and more technical content into the avaiable pool. What is more interesting is how sometimes this information bubbles up though the pool of resources I already use when I am not directly looking for it as in the example above (well OK, almost without looking). So I’m glad Google is taking the blogsphere seriously. I think it will have a very positive impact on our ability to find the information we need.

Here is the configuration from my installation (all default paths) to get the JWSDP 1.2 installed as an NT service. Place the JavaService.exe in the bin subdirectory of the JWSDP home and make path corrections for your installation on one line:
JavaService.exe -install JWSDP1.2
C:j2sdk1.4.2_01jre inserverjvm.dll
"C:jwsdp-1.2jwsdp-shared in;
C:jwsdp-1.2jwsdp-shared incommons-launcher.jar;
-start LauncherBootstrap
-params jwsdp start
-stop LauncherBootstrap
-params jwsdp stop

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