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Video games for enterprise requirements

So I took a day off on either side of the weekend and between spending time with my son (and my Playstation 2) I went through a stack of old InfoWorlds and came across this gem:

“Showing laudable foresight, Sun is using the uniquely onerous back-end requirements of multiplayer games to develop predictive resource management solutions. A gaming server network requires zero downtime, instant session recovery, transparent retrieval of lost data, infallible identity management, rapid automatic scaling, low latency, and fine-grained bandwidth management. Get all of that right and financial services are easy.”

I must admit, a lot of those requirements seem familiar. So  the video game industry could become an engine to not only replace Hollywood but we may start getting technology innovation for our consumer and enterprise applications instead of the military industrial complex. Or perhaps the video game industry ought to be looking to existing solutions in enterprise software and standards for some of these functions. If not is it because of subtle requirment differences, i.e. with performance, or were these features not designed well enough for business applications?

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      Author's profile photo Benny Schaich-Lebek
      Benny Schaich-Lebek
      The point here is 'back end'. I don't think too much people have played such a game contrary to usual video games, which clearly differ from business software: they stress RAM and video cards, while business software relys more to hard disks.
      But if you think about multiplayer internet applications, this is something different. You actually simulate a complete universe in such case and if you want to server players around the world, neither downtimes nor performance issues would be accepted - and that sounds familliar, doesn't it?
      Author's profile photo Luis McDaniel
      Luis McDaniel

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      Author's profile photo Jhon Malkovish
      Jhon Malkovish

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