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WAS easy, wasn’t it?

I just came back this week from a customer who is in the ramp-up phase of SAP Web AS 6.30 which means basically he is a beta tester. I went there with some mixed emotions. The software is in beta stage and if I was unlucky we would just run into problems the whole week without getting any visible results. Here is my short summary of the week there.

First day: Install SAP Netweaver Studio on the customer’s PC. I want to set up a datasource with DB2 residing on a host. Somehow I cannot manage to deploy the jdbc driver correctly so the server will find the native parts of the driver.

Second day: Trying and trying to get connected. Finally, looking at the deployment archive of SAP JCO puts me on the right track. I have to deploy the with the 2 dlls: db2jdbc.dll and db2jdbc_g.dll. Put it together with jarSAP (a custom ANT task available in the IDE), deploy it and it works!

Third day: Back at the customer and very eager to start. Start the server,    deploy the driver, create the datasource. Suddenly the server is gone! What    happened? A look in the log file tells me: License expired, shutting down! Oh    yeah, should have installed the license right at the beginning. Anyway, take    the license file and install it. But hey, nothing happens! Order a new license    from    and get one after 30 min. At least a good response time. It installs successfully!    I am extremely happy and continue to work. Suddenly the server shuts down again.    Same message in the logfile: Invalid license. I start cursing, what is happening?    I open up a Support message via OSS. At the same time, I continue working on    a web application, some framework classes and some Session Bean. Actually the    IDE behaves quite well. I right-click on my session bean and have it as a web    service. This is really neat! I just restart the server every 30 minutes because    of the license check.

Fourth day: The new license file arrives from SAP Support. I install it, successful! But you cannot fool me. I wait. 1 hour , 2 hours, and the server is still up. OK, I start to believe that this time it worked. Finish up the business logic and expose it with a single click as a web service which gives me the opportunity to test the logic very easily. The customer is impressed and I am too. This web service test page is pretty neat. We do some remote debug sessions and step through the business logic. This remote debugging still fascinates me. A remotely running program that I can debug on my client is still magic to me.

Fifth day: It’s Friday and the customer wants to leave early. Well, I speed up and start the Web dynpro application that gives us the UI to the business logic. By 5 pm I am done. The application works. At the end it was actually quite impressive! We programmed a pretty nice looking user interface in less than a day that accesses a complex business logic and displays it in a nice diagram view. The customer is happy. His boss is called and he is also impressed. Did we experience any problems during that week? I can’t remember any.

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  • I have downloaded WAS 6.3 Beta 2 with developer studio trial version. I have installed successfully in my desktop and started with few examples they worked fine. I had developed iView for EP5.0 using JCo a month ago and thought it would be a good Idea to develop Webdynpro application using the RFC that I used for the iView. I created Proxy model class and controllers and mapped contexts everythign went well…I was so eagar to see the data on the Browser, my badluck it didn’t show up. I tried to debug using remote debugging but not much use, I am not sure where to go from here….I am struck…
    • Hi Suresh,
      in case you wanted some help, it would be nice to tell what exactly went wrong. It seems you data did NOT appear on a web dynpro screen? In that case you should get some error. Anyway, there are examples avaialbe that show how to do this with the famous flight example. Maybe you try this first and this will help you find out what is your problem.