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Remember that Foreigner song back in the 80s: ‘I want to know what love is’ ?

I’m pretty sure that Foreigner lead singer Lou Gramm had different things in mind than Knowledge Management when he performed that song on stage. But in the end, even this romantic quest boils down to the issue of finding information and building up knowledge and experience on top of it.

‘And where’s the connection to portal, KM and TechEd in these lines ?’, I can hear you ask (BTW, another cry for information).

Well, let’s take a turn to a less romantic (*SIGH*) point of view:

‘I want to know what’s going on at TechEd Las Vegas !’, — hmmm, does definitely not sound like another Foreigner chart breaker but still a very valid question. How about checking out the online agenda of TechEd ? And maybe you want to stop by for an extensive stay in the ‘Document and Knowledge Management’ track in order to see how the Knowledge Management applications of SAP can help to solve questions like the ones above (at least the one about TechEd).

Maye you also want to check out how Collaboration on top of the SAP Enterprise Portal can help you with its virtual collaboration rooms, application sharing, chat and other capabilities -> be sure to take a seat in the ‘People integration’ track along with tons of sessions for the portal as well.

Have a great TechEd.


PS: If you and your spouse listen to one of these old Foreigner records or tapes in front of your fireplace, THIS might be the wrong time and place for talking about Knowledge Management. All other occasions will be fine for it as this is one of the most crucial issues for modern organizations.

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  • Joerg gets my vote for the totally best picture so far on SDN 🙂

    Nice to see a smile about the place!!

    (Oh and Foreigner live forever …..)

    Nice blog!

  • I appreciate to Ciara: It is nice, to see Joerg with a laughing face in this area…. but, it would ne nicer, if it would be possible for an application consultant like me to integrate KM into my application HR in an easier way 😉
    Peter Bonin

    Foreigner … who t.f. is foreigner; my favorite band: Dire Straits
    Hope that Joerg and his friends will be ‘Brothers in arms’ in the future ;-))

    • Hi Peter, 

      VERY late comment (sorry 🙂 ) to your wish re. integration of KM into business applications.

      With EP6.0, customers and partners can program their own KM connectors (repository managers) into applications that deal with documents (if that is what you are looking for as an HR consultant). Infos about that can be either found in PDK 6.0 SP2 (iViewStudio) or in the JAVA Download section in SDN.

      Let me know if you have other things in mind that can help bringing KM a step forward.



      PS: Let’s say it with some music before X-Mas: It should be the natural ‘Walk of life’ in organizations to solve their
      Urgent‘ KM problems before the trail is ‘Cold as Ice’. A good starting point for your
      Private Investigations’ about it could be SDN’s KM area.