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Blogs posted July 2003

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  • Former Member July 24, 2003
    “Dad, do you know where the Bahamas lie?” … “Mmh, ask your Mum, she always cleans up everything.” Hahah … even if this is meant to be just a joke: Dad is somehow right. Mum really knows everything. Remember: when... Read More »
  • Former Member July 23, 2003
    We had a long design meeting today about how to represent a log to a viewer. The log may be big, so the buffer needs to cut off data at the end as it puts new log records at the beginning. We realized that we are creating a cache, but quickly... Read More »
  • Former Member July 22, 2003
    Nice commentary on NPR about Wikis from David Weinberger. Humorous overview of what wikis are for the masses. If you already know what a wiki is you’ll enjoy the intro, “Here’s what sounds like a really bad idea. Let’s post a... Read More »
  • Mark Finnern July 18, 2003Business Trends
    organized by a team around Tony Perkins of Red Herring fame. He set the tone in his opening remarks: “Consumers and businesses have an insatiable need and drive to be always on.” (One commented that the real money will be made in 10... Read More »
  • Former Member July 17, 2003Personal Insights
    “It is not about who you are, but about whom you know (and who knows you…)”.  I believe one of the greatest ideas behind SAP Developer Network is that it helps you become knowledgeable – regardless of your starting point or... Read More »
  • Former Member July 8, 2003
    Here is an interesting article on how a combined Oracle/PeopleSoft organization would effect IBM. I find it somewhat inacurate to characterize this as a potential “mammoth vendor competing head-to-head with SAP for enterprises that decide on... Read More »
  • Former Member July 8, 2003
    If your having trouble understanding wether or not blogs make sense in a corporate enviornment this article at the NY Times might help you sort out your thoughts. This is one comment that stood out to me. “But a growing number of businesses,... Read More »
  • Mark Finnern July 8, 2003
    This Seattle    Post article gives a nice balanced view to both sides the concerns of the    company as well as to the employees blogging. I especially like this quote: “Microsoft is like an anthill, and... Read More »
  • DJ Adams July 7, 2003
    If you’re at OSCON or around the Portland area this Wednesday (9th July), come along to the SAP and Open Source BOF to chat with SAP and Open Source hackers about where the crossovers between the two worlds are. Beer may be involved, too!
  • DJ Adams July 2, 2003
    My partner-in-(code)-crime Piers Harding and I are speaking at this year’s OSCON (Open Source Convention). What can the desperate open source hacker do in and around R/3? Plenty! If you’re going to OSCON, come along to our... Read More »