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Gaining momentum

Sharing is believing…” – as the SAP Developer Network become known within SAP communities (internal and external) the flow of ideas, requests and comments is increasing on a daily basis.

So – what is new: We’ve updated the look and feel of the site – added forums and improved navigation. I hope you will find the site easy to use and informative. Speaking of ‘informative‘ – these are the current methods/processes through which you can contribute your knowledge and information:
1) You could use the ‘Submit Content‘ link (top-level links) to Submit File or Submit Business Package. Just follow the steps described there.
2) You could post messages in SDN Forums. We now have a forum for every area – so find your spot and let us know what you think, or would like to know.
3) You could become an SDN Weblogger! – We provide an on-line form for you to register for your own Weblog! (Should be active by Aug 1)

I get very good vibration from you people – the momentum is growing.

Thanks to all who contributed until now – and a big welcome to all of your new contributors who just joined the gang.

Stay tuned – it just getting more interesting every day…


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  • Sure we are talking about gaining momentum when referring the sdn, the issue here is that I’m “a bit” disappointed abount the Microsoft desktop bias of the site.

    I really would like to have tutorials not in .chm format (.html for sure), and I also would like to have a beta version of Web AS 6.30 for Linux… or at least a reference that warns me about that before going for download.

    Go for it…