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Ask Mum

“Dad, do you know where the Bahamas lie?” … “Mmh, ask your Mum, she always cleans up everything.”

Hahah … even if this is meant to be just a joke: Dad is somehow right. Mum really knows everything.
Remember: when you were a child and you were missing something – before you even started searching or thinking wasn’t it: “Muuuum, do you know where my book/my racket/my shirt/my dead frog … is?”.
Well and chances were high that Mum without words pointed directly to the litter box.
Now have you ever wondered why your Mum was that always-everything-knowing-person? It was because she always kept her eyes and ears open while visiting EVERY room in your home.
Now imagine you would have had many Mums, one for the kitchen, one for the living room, one for your child’s room and so on:
“Kitchen-Mum! Do YOU know where my dead frog lies”? “Nope. Are you really sure you left it in the kitchen?” “Sigh! Why can’t I have only one Mum to ask like others have…”

Now let me make my point: Nowadays if there is something to find on the web you actually have a pretty good chance to find it if you “google” for it (or whatever search engine you typically use). This is because Google™ is a “Every-Room-Mum” and not just a “Kitchen-Mum”.
“STOP” you shout “Google will not find stuff in my companies intranet”.
Right! But would you now open your intranet for Google just in order to find something? Rather not – since then everybody else could find it despite being inside or outside your intranet.

Sigh — so all we need is ONE search engine that

  • may enter ALL interesting places in the internet and the intranet. And not only those with web server door knobs, also file systems, LDAPs, ERPs and databases would be fine 😉
  • even knows about my secret places to hide dead frogs and will keep them secret (by hiding them from YOU but not from ME).
  • is fast as lightning, forgives typos, does reasonable ranking, offers similar documents and can fly.

Impossible? Not really

SAP’s Knowledge Management Platform (with the Trex Retrieval and Classification Engine and the Repository Framework – just to drop some names)

  • knows ALL the interesting places on the internet and intranet. OK, sometimes you still have to show them once 😉
  • takes care of secret places and knows to distinguish YOUR from MY dead frogs
  • is fast, reliable, knows what you mean, …
  • and flies. As high as dead frogs do.

Last but not least: SAP Developer Network SDN is … no, is not a dead frog 😉 … is built on top of Knowledge Management Platform and – who knows – very likely you came here by Trex searching?

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      I really like the way this article is written!

      The arguments may help me to explain the benefits of KM to customers better than I could do it now!


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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author
      Thanks for this encouraging comment ... I'll continue to do my very best.
      Klaus (aka the living frog)
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      Former Member
      With Trex Retrieval and Classification Engine we can also do a federated search from within the portal to other search engines, Google for instance. The Google results would be automatically combined with the intranet results for a comprehensive list of hits, inside and out.