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Log Viewer 6.30

We had a long design meeting today about how to represent a log to a viewer. The log may be big, so the buffer needs to cut off data at the end as it puts new log records at the beginning. We realized that we are creating a cache, but quickly shelfed the idea of using the JCache implementation we have at SAP – overkill. Interesting was that you can talk about a subject for close to an hour and realize that you were talking about two different things.

Now that the use cases are talked through and we have a design, we need the test code next. Test-first programming is very cool. For some reason developers don’t like it. But: no pain no gain.

However, the log viewer will now get an asynchronous buffer management so that the UI will be more responsive and there will be a lot less code in the UI level.

There was also a log viewer review meeting this morning. After setting up the video conference and discussing some interesting points of the architecture we had to focus and go fast during the demo part. There was no time to find any “bugs” and beat on them (and the team). The Log Viewer is actually pretty stable. In 6.30 you can find it in the visual administrator under Services. It displays, searches and merges logs across servers. The logs are registered automatically by the logging framework. Cool.

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