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Single vs. multi vendor IT shops

Here is an interesting article on how a combined Oracle/PeopleSoft organization would effect IBM. I find it somewhat inacurate to characterize this as a potential “mammoth vendor competing head-to-head with SAP for enterprises that decide on the single-vendor approach.” Earlier in the same article they characterize Oracle as an organization that focuses on building applications around its own technology stack while IBM allows for heterogeneity between applications. Now while we at SAP may have our own technology stack to characterize us as only being suitable as a provider of applications for “single-vendor” IT shops is inacurate.

SAP applications are used in many heterogeneous enviornments; we expect this and provide our customers with tools to support their needs for these enviornments. Our new xApps initiative is an example of how SAP is leading the way in thinking about and delivering new applications that take advantage of these multi-vendor enviornments to deliver solutions that focus on the business needs of our customers.

Our technology stack facilitates development of and running applications in a heterogeneous world. It is not focused on creating a “single-vendor” shop.

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