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Company Weblogs Article

This Seattle    Post article gives a nice balanced view to both sides the concerns of the    company as well as to the employees blogging.

I especially like this quote: “Microsoft is like an anthill, and I’m    an ant,” explained Scoble, the employee who always thinks about justifying    his posts to CEO Ballmer. “I’m allowed to give the ant’s perspective on    the world, but I’m not allowed to give the anthill’s perspective on the world.”

Replace Microsoft with SAP and Ballmer with your favorite board member and you have a pretty good guidance on what should be posted here.

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  • Leave it to you to find a better article than the one I posted after you. Anyway…

    From my perspective Scoble’s perspective on would boss, wife, CEO be upset is perfect common sense for a work sponsored blog or a work related post on a personaly sponsored blog. For employer sponsored blogs if people can’t follow that common sense or if a company feels it needs to restrict the speech further by restrictive policies or reviewing posts it won’t work. I believe personaly sponsored weblogs are covered at least in the US by the first ammendment of the constitution and are thus beyond any corporate policy other than the normal company confidentiality clauses on things you shouldn’t post anywhere anyway.

    Unfortunately I also believe it is only a matter of time before we see a legal case on this. That said I believe (hope) it will ultimately end the same way as the recent Intel email case.

  • Been there, done that – since the early 90th, when I was running a CompuServe forum for the company I was working for at that time. And the legal concerns already existed then.
    The funny thing is that beyound all heated discussions there were, there never occured anything like legal action. Marketing went nervous, once a journalist crossed by, but of course we always knew that everything we wrote was public…
    The same fact that may concern the company (it’s written stuff), is also known by employees and makes every sane persons rings bell once they leave trusted territory.