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Blogs in the workplace

If your having trouble understanding wether or not blogs make sense in a corporate enviornment this article at the NY Times might help you sort out your thoughts. This is one comment that stood out to me. “But a growing number of businesses, government organizations and educational institutions are using Web logs to manage and improve the flow of information among employees. These blogs, not accessible to the public, typically allow many people to contribute entries that can be read by others in the organization.” Things get a bit murky for those of us who have personal, public work and internal work blogs not to even get into the probablility of group blogs in the same combinations. Ultimately though it feels like thse options provide better context for getting my thoughts posted for the correct audiences, certainly better than email.

Something still seems to be missing in how the different blogs I work with relate to each other more than how I relate to them. While RSS can help me collect all of my entries together, yet somehow I feel there is more that can be done with these disparate but related information flows.

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  • The link to the NY Times article leads to the registration page and is pretty useless if you’re not willing to register.
    Also if you press the back button from there you end up on the sdn entry page instead of where you left.