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JavaOne: “What does Saaaap do?”

We have quite some work cut out for us to get the word out to the Java developers    about SAP. Jeff Word was manning one of the SAP NetWeaver pods at the JavaOne    pavilion. He said that 80% of the people coming to the booth were asking: “What    does Saaaap do?”

I think this is quite amazing, with SAP being the third largest independent    software company. It’s also not our first JavaOne. No, we have been here twice    before and this time we even were platinum    sponsor.

Shai Agassi    brought it nicely to the point when he was addressing the developers at the    Wednesday    Keynote: “I know most of you in the audience know SAP as the German    giant, the one where you don’t really know what they do, but we are big and    we do stuff for companies that you don’t want to work for. … ABAP is not cool    …”

And I thought all the SAP ABAP and Java programmers laughing now all the way    to the bank.

Other great quote: ” We bring 20.000 customers to the table, and these    customers have a lot of money to spend, and they are spending it, because they    are using it as a platform for business.”

Do me a favor and spread the word. Thanks.

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