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couple purchases car at dealership

More Automotive Industry Paradigm Shifts: A Cloud-y Future

Auto manufacturers and dealers can create marketing and outreach campaigns that are more effective, but only if they know how to mine their data properly.
Big Data

Tom Davenport On Big Data, Part 2: What Comes Next

Tom Davenport discusses how organizations can leverage Big Data to uncover new insights and drive new innovations.
automotive assembly line

What’s The Sound Of An Automotive Industry Paradigm Shift?

The automotive industry understand there’s a huge volume of data in the broader ecosystem. How to tap into that data remains a question.
Industry 4.0: It’s All About The Customer. Well, Mostly.

Industry 4.0: It’s All About The Customer. Well, Mostly.

Industry 4.0 is all about the interconnections and processes that lead to a better understanding of and interaction with the customer. But that's not all.
data is cool

Data Is…Cool?

Data isn’t just for data scientists and analysts anymore, but for the masses – especially sports fans.
nolan bushnell

What’s Next, Nolan? 10 Predictions For The Next 10 Years

Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari and author of "Finding the Next Steve Jobs", predicts for new ways we might live and work within the next 10 years.
sailing at the Solomon Islands

It’s Time To Dream For A Living

In 2000, I jumped from Salomon Smith Barney to Merrill Lynch. Though the move was lucrative, my primary motivation was dreaming a new dream. When I approached my managers about a new opportunity, they demurred, saying, “We like you...