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Have We Reached The Tipping Point For A Resource Revolution?

Have We Reached The Tipping Point For A Resource Revolution?

With today's emerging technology, there's an unprecedented opportunity to revolutionize how we use resources as well as business and management.

Oil And Water Do Mix When It Comes To Saving Lives

Water equals life. It’s really that simple. Yet according to the WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme, millions lack access to clean drinking water.

What’s The Buzz About Cloud Computing?

Can using cloud computing really save you money? Absolutely! Here's how.
workforce planning

Looking Forward In Workforce Planning

Many tools for workforce planning have their roots in the social sciences. Is it time to look to social sciences again to further improve our approach?
Asking The Right Questions

Asking The Right Questions

When it comes to talent supply chains, many companies become content with visibility and optimization within their existing supply chain of employees or workers.
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy book cover

Should You Reinvent Your Business?

It can be beneficial to view things from a completely different perspective and question why we do things in a particular way in the first place.