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Social Media – A Double-Edged Sword For Corporations

Social Media – A Double-Edged Sword For Corporations

Social media is a great leveler. It enables the common man to be heard and his voice to carry. This is a useful lesson for utility companies.
Smart Power With Gamification

Smart Power With Gamification

Consumers should be rewarded for off-peak electricity use. At least according to a team of students, who have developed an award-winning app to help. The post Smart Power with Gamification appeared first on
mobile in utilities field

Mobility In Utilities: The Next Step In The Evolution

While many industries are just beginning to wrap their heads around the transformative power of mobility, utilities companies are way ahead. Pioneers of the technology, they’ve long depended on wireless capabilities to address service issues, report on maintenance and...
nuclear energy

Energizing Investments And The Future Of Uranium

Nuclear energy suffers from an undeserved stigma of dirt, death, and destruction. But the reality is nuclear power is a clean, reliable, affordable, baseload energy source. And contrary to pop culture assumptions, there aren’t any neon-colored uranium miners glowing,...
smart grid customer contact center dialogue

Smart Grid: A New Dialogue With Utility Customers And Contact Centers

Smart Grid is creating more than technical challenges for electric utilities, it is creating a different type of customer dialogue and the need for a strategic approach to customer engagement and experience customer experience supported by the Contact Center....
examples of enterprise mobility

Enterprise Mobility And Its Game-Changing Impact On Business

Mobile devices makers are quickly closing the gap between their devices and laptops and desktops. As a result many companies are taking advantage of features that are unique to enterprise mobility and making them a part of their operations....