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Small Businesses Lag In E-Commerce

Small Businesses Lag In E-Commerce

Big pizza chains are growing their digital orders at the expense of locals who don't have the technology to compete.
Amazon Opens Wearable Tech Boutique

Amazon Opens Wearable Tech Boutique

In one of the proliferating efforts to make wearable tech accessible to the public, has opened a wearable tech storefront on their site.
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How Amazon Loses Even If It Wins The Hatchette Fight

Amazon is locked in an e-book pricing-contract dispute with Hatchette, retaliating against the publisher by making its titles unavailable.
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Trade Promotion: Stop Managing And Start Optimizing

Why settle for managing trade promotions when you can optimize them? See benefits it can bring to your consumer products company.
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How Big Data Is Causing A Big Disruption

Brands and marketers are using the power of Big Data to know more about us than we know about ourselves. It may be a bit intrusive, but it's also effective.

4 Key Trends in Grocery Shopping Preferences [New Data]

Learn how grocery shopping is changing with new preferences, such as healthy eating, technology, bargains, and loyalty programs.