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woman shopping online holidays

Is Your E-commerce Store Ready For Black Friday?

Make like Santa’s elves and prepare for what will be the biggest online holiday shopping season to date. Here's your checklist to prepare.
woman using tablet in a coffee shop

5 Ways Mobile Changed Consumer Behavior Forever, Part 2

Explore the most influential changes and how businesses can step up to meet the new needs of their mobile, always-on consumers.
roadblock signs

5 Roadblocks To Digital Brand Consistency

A recent Forrester thought leadership paper uncovered a number of roadblocks to digital brand consistency. Are they affecting your digital experience?
connected world

Living In A Connected World

Every major technological revolution has profoundly changed the way we live and the way we conduct business, even if we don’t always realize it at the time.
retail ceo

Reimagining The Retail CEO

Retail uncertainty is expected to continue, so industry watchers have been speculating about the right type of CEO needed to lead retailers in the future.
amazon on smartphone

Consumer Success Or Loyalty: Which Comes First?

Allegiance toward a particular brand is initiated by an interaction – and only positive ones will generate the repeat business that transform into loyalty.
Indian E-commerce Moving Toward Secret Niches

Indian E-commerce Moving Toward Secret Niches

Online shopping is growing in India and projected to grow even larger as it continues to influence the country's culture.
Fashion And Technology Go Hand In Hand At London Fashion Week

Fashion And Technology Go Hand In Hand At London Fashion Week

Technology is directly influencing the response designers had over the event. See which brands and designers are rising in popularity and positive buzz.