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The End Of Brick And Mortar Is Coming [INFOGRAPHIC]

Although certain malls continue to see success, nothing is going to prevent the Internet from becoming a bigger part of retail sales.
The Boom In Wearable Technologies

The Boom In Wearable Technologies

How wearable can wearable technology actually be? Wearables Futures conducted a panel to find out about some of the newest developments.

Want To Know Who Makes Your Designer Eyewear?

Luxottica is doing a pretty good job of designing eyewear people love, but putting even more focus on the customer is always a plus.
Charge Your Phone—With Your Dress

Charge Your Phone—With Your Dress

The collection, “Wearable Solar”, includes flexible solar cells that harness direct sunlight to fully charge your phone.

Rethinking The Retail Supply Chain: We’re At A Critical Reset Moment

Ever since Wal-Mart revolutionized the supply chain, and Amazon brought it into the digital world, retailers have been trying to figure out how to keep up with the rise of…