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data-driven retail

Data-Driven Retail Delivers Better Customer Experiences

Using data-driven retail is the new normal in creating exceptional customer experiences. Discover ways to use business intelligence to achieve greatness.
shopping mall

The End Of Brick And Mortar Is Coming [INFOGRAPHIC]

Although certain malls continue to see success, nothing is going to prevent the Internet from becoming a bigger part of retail sales.
The Boom In Wearable Technologies

The Boom In Wearable Technologies

How wearable can wearable technology actually be? Wearables Futures conducted a panel to find out about some of the newest developments.

Want To Know Who Makes Your Designer Eyewear?

Luxottica is doing a pretty good job of designing eyewear people love, but putting even more focus on the customer is always a plus.
Charge Your Phone—With Your Dress

Charge Your Phone—With Your Dress

The collection, “Wearable Solar”, includes flexible solar cells that harness direct sunlight to fully charge your phone.