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Removing The Tension From Customer Retention For PSOs

How can professional services organizations (PSOs) best enhance clients’ overall experience, so that customer retention increases, along with profitability?
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Making Margins Larger In Professional Services Organizations

For professional services organizations (PSOs), it doesn’t really matter whether it’s a gross margin or an operating margin. Both are important.
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Revving Up Your Realized Rate For Your Professional Services Firm

On average, for every $100 that a professional services organization (PSO) bills, the client pays just $76. This is what is known as their realized rate.
Turning Social Media Into An Asset In A B2B Environment

Turning Social Media Into An Asset In A B2B Environment

We don’t have to go too far back in history to recall when companies were resistant to using email to conduct business. Many ROI studies were commissioned. Even telephones once were viewed as unnecessary to industry. So it’s not...
professional services talent advantage

Monday Metric: How Professional Services Companies Can Realize The Talent Advantage?

Creating and unlocking value in an organization starts with knowing precisely where things stand, and where the opportunities for improvement lie. To help, SAP’s Customer Value Office publishes a short analysis each Monday, highlighting hot industry topics and high-impact...