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  • Analytics at the North Pole
    Analytics at the North Pole — Manufacturing Master Class by Dipali Mehta
    Published on December 24, 2012
    The sun sets on the North Pole around September 24, and doesn’t rise again until March 19. Without the sun’s warmth, temperatures plunge to an average -34 degrees Celsius (-29 degrees Fahrenheit). In this land of bitter…

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Workers in control room of gas plant

Drive Return On Assets By Governing Asset Data

For capital intensive industries, return on assets is a critical performance metric. Take a look at how information governance can improve this measurement.
Drill For Real-Time Insight

Drill For Real-Time Insight

Increasing investments in the digital oilfield represent an excellent opportunity for suppliers of automation tools and other technology.
Losing Staff? Take A Close Look At Managers

Losing Staff? Take A Close Look At Managers

Strategic leaders need to be reminded of something that they’ve known for years. Employers don’t leave organizations – they leave their direct manager.