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Balancing Your Core And Non-Core Business

If science organizations are to improve time to market and focus resources on innovation, the 'development’ workforce needs to be reinvented too.
The Blind Side Of Pharmaceutical Companies: Millions Of Dollars Trapped In Export Logistics

The Blind Side Of Pharmaceutical Companies: Millions Of Dollars Trapped In Export Logistics

Pharma has been a high value goods business in the last century. Most of the exports were by air. As pharmaceutical margins have decreased and low cost generic volume has increased, some companies have shifted their mode of exports...

Generics Take The Lead [SLIDESHARE]

For some time now big pharmaceutical companies have been losing patent protection and the generic market has boomed. In 2011, the global generics market was estimated to be worth approximately $225 billion. By 2016, it is expected that this...
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Adapting To The New Normal In Life Sciences

Following years of growth and favorable market trends, the global life sciences industry now finds itself facing a ‘new normal’. By any measure it is still a stand-out performer globally, and a key strategic area for the EMEA region....
A Dose Of Reality For Life Sciences

A Dose Of Reality For Life Sciences

While there are remarkable things happening in life sciences at the moment, perhaps the most dramatic is the erosion of operating margins. Branded pharmaceuticals continue to lose patent protection on key products. As a result, close to half a...

Why Aren’t More Patients Participating In Clinical Trials? [INFOGRAPHIC]

In December, we published our first infographic. Our goal was to start a discussion around the question: “How often do patients receive placebos in cancer clinical trials?” After digging into the data from cancer trials registered on, we...
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SAPPOV: Life Sciences Have Nothing To Fear From Social Media

For any business, particularly one with heavy regulations, social media can be a scary thing. There can be nothing cavalier in one’s attitude when dealing with life sciences and people’s health. But when done right, the potential benefits are...