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How MOOCS Are Disrupting Education

The beauty of every real business transformation is that we can’t know how it will change everything, even when it comes to MOOCs in learning and education.
Student Debt Runs Scared Thanks To Cutting-Edge Tech

Student Debt Runs Scared Thanks To Cutting-Edge Tech

To improve its graduation rate, avoid a hike in tuition costs, and achieve operational efficiencies, University of Kentucky tapped in-memory computing.
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Mobile Minute: Less Textbooks, More Tech [VIDEO]

Bringing your phone to class used to mean a one-way ticket to detention. However, schools all over the country are easing up on their outside technology policies, and most teachers now allow smartphones and tablets in class.
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Putting The Sexy In STEM

It has been widely reported that there’s a growing gap between supply and demand for employees with skills in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Here at SAP, we certainly recognize the need to ensure a robust stream of...
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The Future Is Going To Be Awesome, And Here’s Why

We live in difficult times. Financial crisis, sovereign debt crisis, euro crisis, Syrian conflict, global warming. We are bombarded nonstop with despairing news. In Europe, the mood is morose and the prospects seem dire. The general consensus is that...