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Mobile Minute: Less Textbooks, More Tech [VIDEO]

Bringing your phone to class used to mean a one-way ticket to detention. However, schools all over the country are easing up on their outside technology policies, and most teachers now allow smartphones and tablets in class.
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Putting The Sexy In STEM

It has been widely reported that there’s a growing gap between supply and demand for employees with skills in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Here at SAP, we certainly recognize the need to ensure a robust stream of...
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The Future Is Going To Be Awesome, And Here’s Why

We live in difficult times. Financial crisis, sovereign debt crisis, euro crisis, Syrian conflict, global warming. We are bombarded nonstop with despairing news. In Europe, the mood is morose and the prospects seem dire. The general consensus is that...
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The Future Of Education Relies On Big Data And Networks

Educational institutions at all levels have been challenging the centuries-old approach to learning — a teacher at the front of the classroom dispensing a set curriculum to a passive audience — with new teaching methods in the classroom. Many...
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Are College Graduates Prepared For The Workforce? [VIDEO]

Do college degrees match up with what employers really want from candidates? As this short clip from the recent TruLondon event points out, choosing your higher education qualifications is one of the toughest buying decisions we will ever make....
SAP World Bank Partnership Connects Education To Jobs In Africa

SAP World Bank Partnership Connects Education To Jobs In Africa

Education is a wonderful thing, but in this day and age it’s most powerful when it leads to real jobs. That’s the idea behind SAP’s latest partnership with the World Bank to provide disadvantaged people in Africa with skills...
Is Technology The Great Educational Leveller?

Is Technology The Great Educational Leveller?

Technology seems to be living up to its reputation as ‘the great leveller.’ Not only because it connects people to one another and gives us better access to information and education, but also because there is such a demand...
Back To School: 10 Technologies To Watch

Back To School: 10 Technologies To Watch

From kindergarten classrooms to college amphitheaters, technology is changing the way teachers teach and students learn. If Web-connected laptops and PCs were the tech gateway in schools, new tools weave technology into the very fiber of education. Here are...